A true relationship with nature

-Nergiz Slemanî

Rêber APO states that “A social consciousness that lacks ecological consciousness will inevitably corrupt and disintegrate.” We live in the reality of capitalist modernity and peak patriarchal dominance which lacks immense ecological conciousness. Every action is profit driven and uses science and technology to further its profit driven destruction of the natural way of living. 

Ecology is a science which understands the connection between society and the environment, viewing nature as alive instead of something to be dominated. In our life, we can observe and clearly see that as philosophy sometimes describes: “Human beings are nature being aware of itself” and meaning nature understands itself by becoming human while humans recognizes itself by understanding nature. What we often don’t recognize, however, is that nature and women are what gives life to society. The connection between jin and jiyan is not just linguistic, but a reality grounded in the truth of our history. It is not enough to understand the connection between humans and nature, we must also go deeper with recognizing the womens role in the equation.

The subject-object relationship

Rêber APO and many other philosophers have described women as “the first colony”  which set an example for every colonialist domination after. Nature under capitalist modernity is understood as something to be dominated and controlled. We can see this phenomena when we look at matriarchal societies and their relationship with nature changing when the patriarchal system attacked, which created a subject-object relationship with the women as well as leading to a transformation in dominance based interaction with nature.

However, no social system that is not in harmony with nature can claim any grounds for morality, or even rationality… therefore, we must consider capitalism as the least developed social system based on the truth of its relationship with nature.

Social ecological transformation

Immorality of capitalism can only be overcome with a social ecological transformation. This means that to strive for true social ecology, we need to renew our friendship with nature and create a reunion that reflects our organic way of being human. 

This can be achieved in many ways including the defense of society, social transformation, dismantling hiarchies and systems of power. However we must first break the mentality that the liberal ideology has put in our minds when we think about nature. Rêber APO says “People who have no feeling for the biological can only have a disturbed social feeling.” To feel in connection with your identity and xwebûn; you must transform your personality to one that can create a genuine and care-based  friendship with nature.

The same with the womens liberation paradigm: the patriarchal understanding of power contributes to why the solution to our ecological problems have been delayed for so long. Once we make the connection between womens freedom and social ecology’s role in the development of a new society, we will be able dismantle the hierarchal, anti human and anti nature social systems in place that separate us from our truth. 

Being part of nature instead of dominating it

True democracy free life will only be achieved if we integrate them with womens liberation and and a return to being part of nature instead of dominating it. Patriarchal and colonialist approaches have convinced the masses and history that women’s bodies as well as nature are something to be dominated and controlled. 

Women and life are bonded; but so is patriarchy and colonialism in all its forms. To liberate ourselves and our society, we have to fight these two systems with the understanding that the connection between women and nature is integral to the success of the peoples revolutionary war.